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2009年12月7日 星期一





  • 所有的船員將移除(除了由您推薦的船員除外)
  • 若您被某人推薦,他也會被加入您的船員中,您不可以成為超過一位玩家的船員。
  • 主要的船員可以是您的朋友,但在他們被推薦以前,不會計算在內。
  • 若您有機器人船員,我們將退費給您。
  • 船員的使用量將大幅減少(例如任務、+1AP,+2AP,開採…等),Ocho玩家無法再擁有船員AP獎勵(也就是說無論我們怎麼做,您都可以保持原本+1AP,+2AP)
  • 未來的推薦制度將只有再玩家擁有了第一次轉職後,且通過PV檢查才算成功。




There are some major changes to the Facebook policy governing apps coming Dec 16th.

“Don’t undermine the integrity of the social graph by encouraging the creation of fake accounts or inauthentic friend connections. For example, don’t gate content or provide rewards based on the number of a user’s friends who also use your application. (DPP V.2)”

To comply with the new FB rules, we have the following plan:

- All your crew will be removed. Only people who joined using your referral link will remain (they don’t have to be your friends).

- If refer you someone they will join your crew and vice-versa. You cannot be in more than 1 player’s crew.

- Main crew can be any of your friends but won’t count as crew unless they were referred.

- Everyone who bought robot crew will get a refund.

- Crew usage will be drastically reduced (quests, +1AP,+2AP, mining, etc). Ocho players will not have their crew AP regen bonus affected (i.e. no matter what we do you will still keep your +1 or +2 AP regen which used to be from having the required number of crew).

- Future referrals will only count as successful once the player has chosen their first Tier job class and passed a PV check.

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