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2009年12月14日 星期一

Battle Stations 2.0 公會系統大改變

我們將把原本24小時冷卻時間的方式,改為公會戰復活代幣系統(Token System)


復活代幣系統(Token System)說明

  • 公會可以隨時使用復活代幣打撈堡壘。
  • 每一個公會每日可以得到一個復活代幣,因此不需要等到24小時才能打撈堡壘。
  • 您無法保留一個以上的復活代幣,需要在取得下一個之前使用它,不然就失去一個。
  • 若您的堡壘被擊沉,需要30分鐘後才能使用復活代幣打撈。
  • 在周末時,每五小時會取得一個復活代幣。
  • 周末的自動打撈將在未來的”Scheduled”公會系統中採用。
  • 每一個公會需要選擇自己的時間區間(Time Slot),以一小時為單位。
  • 您每周可以切換一次時間區間
  • 當您復活您的工會堡壘時,您也會同時復活選擇此時間區間的公會堡壘。
  • 若某公會堡壘已經利用上述方式復活一次,則第二次不會再度復活。





Overhaul of the CW system


We’re going to remove the 24 hour cooldown system and replace it with a clan war (rez) token system:

Token system:

  • Clans can salvage their fort as long as they have a token. Let’s call them rez tokens (rez = Resurrect, a Tron reference)
  • Each clan will get a rez token everyday so you don’t have to rez exactly after 24 hours just to maximize your clan warring (< that’s definitely an improvement)
  • You can’t keep more than 1 rez token, spend it or lose it when the next one comes in
  • If your fort was just sunk you have to wait 30 mins before you can use a token to rez
  • On weekends clans will get tokens every 5 hours (current system has a 5 hour cooldown on weekends)
  • Weekend auto-rez will remain

“Scheduled” CW system (this may come in later or not at all):

  • Every clan must pick a preferred time slot (1 hour)
  • You can change the timeslot once a week
  • When you rez your clan fort you will also rez any other clan if it’s their preferred timeslot (though only 15 minutes later and the clan will get a notification).
  • if a clan has already been rezzed once through this method it will not be rezzed; 24 hour cooldown

I’ll make updates to this post if we decide to change anything.

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