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2009年12月15日 星期二

Battle Stations 2.0 船員系統更新






  • 船員不限定是好友
  • 您可以邀請任何船長
  • 每個船長只能成為另一位船長的船員
  • 每位船員的雇用費維1,000,000金幣
  • 雇用費將根據反映進行修訂
  • 被您推薦的船長將不需要雇用費
  • 被您推薦的船長在第一次轉職後,將自動成為您的船員
  • 在轉換期間內,任務及AP獎勵所需的船員數量暫時設為零(12/18前)
  • 新的AP獎勵如下




  • 任務所需的船員數也會大幅下降
  • 原有的推薦將在稍後轉換



Crew system update: Quest and AP bonus requirements temporarily reduced to zero crew requirement until 18 Dec 09.
Friends will no longer count as crew (new Facebook rule). Your hourly AP gain may be affected (players who purchased Ocho won't be affected).
Hire or Refer at least 3 crew by 18 Dec 09 to keep your +2 AP/hr regen. Read more here.

New System:
- Crew no longer limited to friends
- You can send crew request to any captain (This will solve the issue of "Add me" requests)
- Each captain can only be the crew of 1 person
- The hiring fee is 1,000,000 gold for each crew
- Hiring fee might be revised based on feedback
- No hiring fee is needed if you referred a captain with the referral link
- A referred captain will become your crew automatically when they pick their first class
- During this transition period, crew requirement for quest and bonus regen will be reduced to zero (Ends on 18th Dec 09)
- The new crew requirement for AP regen will be:
at least 1 crew: +1 AP regen
at least 3 crew: +2 AP regen
- Existing crew requirements for quests will be greatly reduced as well.
- Old successful referrals will be converted to crew when we process them at a later date

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