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2010年4月12日 星期一


  • 參加公會戰可以得到戰鬥勳章
  • 若您是攻擊者,需要在公會戰中攻擊到敵方的堡壘,才能獲得戰鬥勳章(防禦者無法獲得)
  • 防禦者需要遭遇攻擊者才能獲得勳章
  • 每日無論參與多少次公會戰,只能最多獲得一枚勳章
  • 某些船隻或裝備購買時需要戰鬥勳章
  • 在更新前公會戰的參與者無法計算在內


- Participating in clan war will now earn you war medals/achievement.
- As an attacker, you must reach an enemy fortress in clan war to earn a medal. (If you are sunk by a defender, you will not get the medal)
- As a defender, you must meet an attacker to earn a medal.
- You can only earn a maximum of 1 medal a day regardless of the number of clan war you take part in.
- War medals will be required for some ships and items in the future.
- All old war participation before this update are not counted.

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