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2010年3月5日 星期五

Battle Stations 2.5?


  1. 80% of ships given a new updated look
  2. Manga-ish characters
  3. new Explore/Expedition system
  4. New combat client – the flash module that displays combat. More useful info, less clutter
  5. New Hangar – which is part simulator, helps you to optimize your builds though not as comprehensive as Yeow Leong’s
  6. New shop – also lets you view how new weapons, parts will their effect on your build
  7. More optimised CW system
  8. Island base raiding and defense
  9. New crew/ship system – ships don’t require resources but require certain # of crew (details on the blog)
  10. .Equip you crew with outfits / decorate your cabin. So you don’t have to cross dress anymore
  11. .Instance Run boss mobs. Bosses will have epic HP, you can fight them with your friends.
  12. .Combat drops, mobs might drop loot after battles
  13. .Weapon/ part upgrading
  14. .2nd Tier classes released!