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2010年2月3日 星期三


  • 攻方及防守方都可以看公會戰紀錄
  • 新增訓練層
  • 公會成員若都低於100級則會歸於訓練層
  • 一旦有成員超過100級,在周五更新公會權力前,不能參與公會戰
  • 當有成員超過100級,會在周五更新公會權力時,移到下一層


- War Logs can now be viewed by Offense or Defense

- New Tier: Training Tier
- Clans with all members below level 100 will be in the Training Tier.
- Once a member reaches level 100 or more in the training tier, he/she will not be able to take part in clan war until the next clan power update on Fridays.
- When a training tier clan has a member whose level is level 100 or more, it will automatically be moved out from the training tier during the next clan power update on Fridays.

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