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2009年12月3日 星期四

Battle Stations 2.0 修正(2009/12/02)

  • 打撈沉船所耗用的AP減少到8AP
  • 維修AP不變


  • 技工(Machanic)的技能Blinding Flare 改為加強防禦(Fortify)
  • 加強防禦(Fortify):戰鬥中有機會獲得+15裝甲值
  • 若您沒有看到技能的動畫,請清理瀏覽器的快取



- Salvage AP cost reduced to 8AP for all classes.
- AP repair cost reduced as well.


- Blinding Flare for Mechanic has been changed to Fortify.
- Fortify: Chance to get +15 armor in combat.
- Try to clear your browser cache if the new skill animation is not showing.

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